2018 UHA Annual Convention

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2018 UHA Annual Conference

May 23 & 24, 2018

Montego Bay Casino & Resort in West Wendover, NV

Rooms are available for $59/night or mini-suites for $89/night.
Make your reservations NOW by calling 775-664-6667 and mention Group Code UHA18. Or visit www.wendoverfun.com (Click on “Rooms”, then “Meetings”, then “Groups Reservations.” Enter password UHA18)
Discount Rate Expires 5/18/18

Featured Presenter: BRAD BARTON
“See Beyond Illusions”

Are you open to the idea that most obstacles don’t really exist – that they are nearly always illusions? Are you ready for startling magic, engaging stories, profound insights about barriers – that are not real?
“Things that seem bad are bad.” “Avoiding problems avoids problems.” “Good enough is good enough.”
Techniques magicians use to intentionally fool audiences for fun perpetuate these illusions in our personal and work lives – and they aren’t fun! Brad Barton proves it! Get ready for an illuminating and profitable look at the incredible influence your power of perception has in the environments in which you lead and serve.

Convention Golf: Wednesday 9am

Join us at Toana Vista Golf Course. Toana Vista, designed in 1987, is surrounded by beautiful black top covered mountains. The course is carved out of the native desert terrain giving wonderful views of the natural scenery. Each golfer is challenged to play a course layout that features both a combination of a links style and desert style golf course. Toana Vista is a very fair test of golf but there are keys to playing the golf course well. Keep the ball in play off the tee and learn the dominant break on the speedy greens of Toana Vista. Our fairways are lush and well maintained and our bent grass greens are very true and quick. A golfer who brings good touch to Toana Vista has a big advantage. Annually, they are the proud host of the Utah Section PGA Championship as well as the Utah Senior Open.

Additional Presenters

RICK ROBINSON, General Counsel/Sr. VP State & Local Affairs, Manufactured Housing Institute

Join MHI General Counsel Rick Robinson as he gives the latest update on DC. From legislative and regulatory victories to changes at HUD, Rick will have the latest word on happenings from the Swamp. Rick will also provide updates on Federal Fair Housing.

TYLER JENSEN, LeBaron & Jensen, P.C.

Did you know that the condition of your mobile home park (i.e. how well you enforce rule violations) could determine the timely payment of rent, crime and violence levels, and the value of the park? Tyler will talk with the group about park operations and its overall impact on the performance of your property(s). Tyler will also answer questions specific to retail sales center operations.

Schedule of Events

9:00 am – Golf at Toana Vista (optional + $40/golfer),
6:30 pm – Opening Reception/Networking

9:00 am – 5:00 pm General Session


Download the Event Registration Form HERE.

Sponsor Opportunities Available

Download the Sponsorship Registration Form HERE.

Contact Tawny Peyton at 303-832-2022 or
tawny@coloradohome.org for more information.

More details will be posted as they come available.

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