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UHA provides valuable resources and information to association members vital for keeping up with market and regulatory demands.

Benefits of UHA membership include:

Legislative support

Contract lobbyist Dale Zabriskie, UHA professional, attorneys and members represent our industry through their time and efforts by preparing for and participating in the proposed bills which affect the industry.  Some examples of this include; interpretation of the Federal Safe Act to ensure that retailers are not considered lenders, two years in a row we have prevented First Right of Refusal from being introduced as a bill and a coalition of entities fought to ensure that Utah Factory Built Homes are exempt from the sprinkler requirements.

Liaison with government departments and agencies

UHA professionals and various members have developed a valued knowledge of industry codes and standards, this helps to provide issue clarification and resolution in a positive, timely manner.

Legal information

UHA professionals work with its attorneys when legal concerns arise that will affect the industry.


UHA offers website services for its members which include membership listings, current news, marketing materials and more.

Networking & business building events

UHA schedules events throughout the year to support the growth, development and expertise of its members businesses.  UHA Members receive discounted member rates for these events.

Industry promotion and support

UHA professionals attend various events associated with housing in Utah to promote the industry and to learn new techniques to share with members to promote business growth.

Industry Training and Education

UHA offers continuing education and certification seminars for license renewal. UHA currently offers “member rates” to various events like our annual conference and other training events

Regular communication & updates

UHA members receive 6 issues of the UHA/RMHA newsletter each year.  Our members are also notified about upcoming legislative issues via e-mail and are encouraged to provide input and participation.

Business referrals

UHA professionals recommend UHA members businesses to other members and the general public.