11 Myths

  1. Too many people believe that manufactured homes always lose value after purchase, like a car does. But studies show that it’s the land on which the home stands, not the method that built it, that determines whether its value rises or falls.
  2. Too many people believe that manufactured home construction methods are slipshod. But manufactured homes, unlike site-built homes, are regulated by the U.S. government under the HUD code. That means design, construction, durability, strength, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and more, are all federal matters. The homes are built well; Uncle Sam makes sure!

  3. Too many people think all manufactured homes look and perform alike. The choices are yours — anything you could get in a site-built home you can get in a manufactured home, and almost certainly more economically.
  4. Too many people think manufactured homes are unsafe. But the insurance industry itself has found that manufactured homes are, in many ways, safer than site-built homes. University studies have echoed those findings.
  5. Too many people think manufactured homes are made with inferior materials. The same components are used that go into constructing site-built housing, though, and held to even higher material and installation standards by the HUD code.
  6. Too many people think manufactured home floors are weak — that they won’t hold up waterbeds, for example. But the same flooring materials that are used in site-built homes are used in manufactured homes. Plus, the flooring platform is glued and nailed in a manufactured home. Site-built floors are only nailed.
  7. Too many people think manufactured homes are hot in summer, cold in winter. But insulation standards in today’s manufactured home are as high as in the stick-built home — R21 or higher in the roof, R11 or more in the sidewalls and floor. The manufactured home is a cozy home for all seasons.

  8. Too many people think manufactured home roofs are weak. But they’re made with certifed trusses; the same shingles used in stick-built homes, and are assembled indoors. Vinyl siding is often a higher grade on a manufactured home than on its site-built neighbor.
  9. Too many people think manufactured home interiors are skimpy. But today’s home has walls three or four inches thick, covered with 5/16- or 1/2-inch gypsum.

  10. Too many people don’t realize that manufactured home warranties are stronger than those on site-built homes. Many manufactured homes carry warranties of up to five years on structural features. In a site-built home, you may have as few as 30 days to find any faults.
  11. Too many people have a poor image of the manufactured home industry, when in fact it is a dynamic industry that has led in construction technology. These people keep looking for ways to improve their already-fine products, too. But, more and more people are realizing every day just what a wonderful option manufactured housing offers them. Attractive, affordable, spacious and quality-built — there is a manufactured home that’s right for everyone!